Just Click It & Zip It!

We know how frustrating it can be when a zipper pull breaks off of a piece of clothing or equipment. DrZipTip is here to the rescue!

Our Dr Ziptip zipper pulls products are new, unique attachments for a zipper.

Taken directly out of the package it can attach to any existing or broken/missing zipper pull.

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How To Use Dr Ziptip Zipper Replacements:


Use wire to insert through zipper mechanism.


Thread wire onto chosen product like a key ring.


Place back piece under wire – aligned in the grooves – then snap top in place.

*** IMPORTANT *** Wire must be in plastic grooves for pieces to lock together properly.

Our Story

The initial idea for ZipTip was formed in 2005 by our founder, Tom Medsker, when the zipper pull to his boat canvas broke.

At the hardware store, he could only find a nickel-coated steel split keyring, which was a functional but temporary replacement since they did not look very attractive and soon rusted.

Then Tom had his ZipTip epiphany: elongate a portion of the ring. This allowed for adding a plastic piece to the center ring to functionally attach to zippers. Thus the ZipTip products were born.

For many years, our ZipTip products were made with three pieces, but in 2022  the ZipTip was completely redesigned into a durable and easy-to-use two-piece product.  A missing zipper pull can be replaced in less than a minute as demonstrated in our product video.

Made in the U.S.A.

Easy-to-use Finger Fit Technology

Made from durable ABS plastic and 304 grade stainless steel