Replace your missing zipper pull in less than a minute.

Just Click It & Zip It with Dr. ZipTip’s new durable and easy-to-use zipper attachments. Our zipper pull replacement products can be utilized both as attachments and pull-tab replacements, making your zippers easy to grip.

Custom Dr. ZipTips are available

Order your zipper pull replacements with your company logo, school colors, jersey numbers, and more.

Finger Fit Technology

Made from durable
ABS plastic & 304-grade
stainless steel

Made in
the USA

Introducing the new and improved Dr. ZipTip.

This attachment can be added to an existing zipper pull to provide a better grip. It is useful for individuals with arthritis and is also great for fishermen when opening a tackle gear container with wet hands or while wearing gloves.

Introducing the new and improved Dr. ZipTip.

Attach to an existing zipper pull to get a better grip.

Dr. ZipTip Products

Click to order from one of our four new, easy-to-use Dr. ZipTip zipper pull designs!

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American Flag Zipper Pull (2-Pack) $14.99

Maryland Flag Zipper Pull (2-Pack) $14.99

Tie Dye Zipper Pull (2-Pack) $14.99

Camo Zipper Pull (2-Pack) $14.99


"I collaborate with Dr. Ziptip and recently commissioned custom zipper pulls for our boat shows. These serve as special tokens for our customers and attendees at our show booth. The response has been phenomenal; they are adored by all, serving as an effective means to promote our company. Beyond branding, their practicality and versatility further enhance their appeal."

- Natasha, Chesapeake Bay Magazine

"The Dr. ZipTip is sturdy and easily repaired my broken zipper on my winter jacket."

- Andrew, Fredericksburg, VA

"Dr. ZipTip provided me with a great way to fix my old zipper pull on my golf bag while giving me the chance to represent something I support."

- Richard, Richmond, VA